A word

from the Chief Executive Officer

Today’s scientists can be compared to yesteryear’s explorers, off on a journey to discover realms of biodiversity. But, instead of sailing the seven seas, they carry out their explorations in their laboratories.

Here at DEINOVE, this is what we do. We know that we cannot push back the frontiers of progress without exploring and without taking overarching risks. Established here in Montpellier for over ten years now, at the very heart of a city which is forever reinventing itself, we decided to take up a challenge: to use bacterial diversity for scientific advancement.

We travel across our planet collecting these micro-organisms to extract their immense potential. We are aware that rare bacteria still have many secrets to reveal. Some of these bacteria, dating back billions of years, had to transmute to ensure they could survive at the heart of hostile environments. These successive mutations have empowered them with untapped properties and have turned these highly-resilient bacteria into treasures, provided we know how to uncover them and use them. They offer us an infinite source of biosourced compounds: groundbreaking active molecules for cosmetics, therapeutic molecules… a myriad of possibilities which we have chosen to delve into.

It is urgent to innovate to discover tomorrow’s antibiotics. Across our planet, antibiotic efficacy is waning; infections which we had imagined eradicated forever reappear as a result of pathogenic bacteria totally immune to current-day therapies. To ensure millions of human beings may be treated over the coming decades, Nature offers us solutions: master the  resilient bacteria to tackle the resistant pathogenic ones. And this is what we work on every day relentlessly, convinced that talented women and men can play a key role in changing the course of history. Hand-in-hand with our industrial and academic partners, and with the support of public authorities, we intend to drive radical innovation on which ever-so many lives depend.

Our knowledge of living mechanisms also offers us the opportunity to imagine revolutionary solutions for the interest of our planet. We use our bacteria to create and produce compounds with an industrial focus from renewable resources. Today, we are working in the fields of cosmetics and nutrition to make the bacterial wealth available for sustainable development.

Innovation entrepreneurs is what defines us all here at DEINOVE best. Our genetic makeup overflows with pioneering spirit and passion for discovery. And, all this, we devote it on a daily basis to a challenge which we all share: to invent, develop and commercialize molecules of the future.

I hope you all enjoy visiting DEINOVE’s new website!


Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE