A multidisciplinary network

DEINOVE has built a strong network of academic, industrial and institutional collaborations and intends to continue in this way to meet the global challenge of antibiotic resistance, a major health threat.

Academic collaborations


Institut Charles Viollette (ICV) is a partner of the AGIR program for its expertise in enzymatic engineering and characterization. Collaboration with the Süssmuth Group (Technical University of Berlin) for the characterization of DNB101 and the study of biosynthetic pathways


DEINOVE is also supported by a large number of clinicians from the Georges Pompidou, Lariboisière, Cologne University, and other hospitals to advance its research.


Industrial collaborations

Llicense option agreement with REDX PHARMA (British biopharma) regarding the NTBI preclinical program for novel antibiotics Exclusive research license with Naicons (Italian biopharma) to explore part of their collection of microbial strains, as part of the AGIR program. Collaboration with bioMérieux, a leading specialist in in vitro diagnostics, providing exclusive strains for DEINOVE to research novel antibiotics as part of the AGIR program.



Institutional support

Non-dilutive financial support provided by public or private institutions has been a key element of DEINOVE's development strategy since its inception. In its antibiotic activities, DEINOVE has benefited from:






Support for the launch of the DEINOBIOTICS program.



Support for the financing of the AGIR program.


Support for the labelling of the AGIR program.

Partnership opportunities

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